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Terms & Conditions

§ 1
General provisions

1. These terms of use present the conditions for purchase in Store for Customers whose delivery address was specified as Malaysia or a place beyond the territory of Malaysia.

2. The following notions in these terms of use have the following meaning:

a) Working days – all days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding Polish bank holidays.
b) Customer – a person using Store, a natural person, with full legal capacity (therefore, in principle, at least of 18 years of age), a legal person or an organizational unit, not a legal person that is given their legal capacity by the law.
c) Consumer – a natural person that undertakes the legal act not directly related to their business of professional activity (Art. 22 of the Civil Code).
d) Customer account– collection of Customer information, as well as actions performed by Customer in Store (including customer data necessary for execution of submitted orders, order record, execution status of orders being processed).
e) Store or Internet store – Internet store operating at www.rumandcoco.com, managed by Seller, through which Seller offers goods to Customers.
f) Seller - Sinacco SDN BHD, conducting business activity under the company name of "Sinacco SDN BHD", with its main office at 16.5 Menara Weld, 76 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50-450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel/fax +48 883392182, email address: info@rumandcoco.com.
g) Goods – merchandise available in Store.

3. Pricing in Store shall not constitute an offer as defined in the provisions of the Civil Code, but solely invitation to enter into a contract.

4. Prices in Store are given in Euro (gross, after adding any duties, VAT tax, and other taxes). Pricing does not contain shipping and payment cost- these costs are every time decided upon by Customer at the time of placing the order. The final price in relation to the contract for selling Goods is specified during the process of offer (order) placement, in accordance with §3 section 1 and 2.

§ 2
Account registration

1. Customers are offered the possibility of registration in Internet Store, which results in creating user Account.

2. Registration process means:

a) Customer filling in the registration form available on the Store website (the form presents itself when selecting appropriate Store subsite or when placing the order). It is required that at least the fields marked as obligatory be filled in. These are: name and surname or company name, address, shipping address (if different from user’s address), email address, and-in case of business activity- company name and NIP (Tax Identification Number),
b) acceptance of the terms of use and cookie policy.

3. After filling in the registration form, Customer is sent a message via e-mail to the address provided during registration. Customer is requested to confirm the information by clicking on the attached link. Customer Account is established as soon as the confirmation process has taken place.

4. Customer is entitled to remove the Store account at any time by sending appropriate request at info@rumandcoco.com.

5. Seller is entitled to terminate Account of a particular Customer also in case of the rule violations, especially when Customer:
a) Provided during registration in Internet Store inaccurate, outdated or invalid information that might be misleading or might infringe rights of third parties.
b) Through the Internet store committed an act of infringement of personal interests of third parties, especially personal interests of other Customers of the Internet Store,
In such a case re-registration is not permitted.

6. Terminating Account shall not impact validity of earlier legal actions performed by Seller with Customer in Store. 



Placement of orders

1. The Customer may purchase goods via the Store. To do this, the Customer should add individual Goods to “the basket” and then confirm its choice with a click on a respective option available on the Store’s website.

2. Having approved the list of selected Goods, the Customer should:

a) specify the delivery,

b) specify the method of payment,

c) confirm that data provided upon registration of the Account are accurate, and confirm the total price of the Goods (comprising costs of delivery and payment) clicking the button “order with obligation of payment”.

3. Performance of activities referred to in sec. 1 and 2 is equivalent to the Customer’s placement of an offer to the Seller to sell goods in the basket at prices displayed by the system, defined delivery costs, etc. (see sec. 2 letter c, the last subsection above).

4. Upon placement of an offer by the Customer in compliance with sec. 3, an e-mail message is sent to the Customer to the e-mail address provided by the Customer upon registration of an account of a user of the online store, with a written confirmation of the terms and conditions of the offer made (an order).

5. A sale agreement is concluded between the Customer and the Seller upon the Seller’s approval of an offer (order) that was received earlier, in a form of an e-mail message sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration of a user account. The message should contain a copy of this Regulation in the version approved by the Customer and binding for an order concerned, as well as information specified in sec. 2 letters a-c above. Confirmation of placement of an offer (order) referred to is section 4 shall not be equivalent to approval of an offer (order).




1. The Seller accepts the following modes of payment:

a) cash payment on delivery

b) via PayU system

c) via Paypal system

d) payment card.

The Customer should specify selected mode of payment on the order form.

2. The cost of payment depends on selected mode of payment. The Customer shall be notified on the costs of payment for the Goods concerned before an order is made, in compliance with §3. Moreover, information on the current rates is also available always on the Store’s website.

3. In case of payment via PayU system, Paypal system or a payment card, a payment shall be made before delivery of the Goods, and in case of cash payment on delivery – at the time of delivery of the Goods.

4. In case of the Customer’s delay in payment that is longer than 7 working days from acceptance of an order by the Seller, the Seller shall have the right to cancel the sale agreement referred to in §3 sec. 5 above.


Fulfilment of the order and delivery of Goods

1. The Seller shall commence fulfilment of the Customer’s order immediately after conclusions of an agreement on the sales of Goods subject to the order (in case of cash payment on delivery) or immediately after a payment for Goods is credited on its bank account (in case of the other modes of payment).

2. The manner and address of delivery should be specified by the Customer in the order form.

3. Possible manners of delivery are as follows:

a) postal business parcel,

b) courier delivery (e.g. Fedex, DHL, UPS – to be selected by the Seller).

4. Costs of delivery depend on the selected manner of delivery and selected method of payment (the costs of delivery are higher in case of cash payments on delivery). The Customer is informed about the costs of delivery of given Goods before an order is placed, in compliance with §3. Moreover, information on current rates is available all the time on the Store’s website.

5. In case of orders concerning Goods of a higher value than PLN 250, in case of which payment in advance (that is one of the payment methods referred to in §4 sec. 1 letters b-d) was selected, the Seller shall not charge any additional costs of delivery to the Customer.

6. The period of fulfilment of an order consists of the time of delivery of a parcel to the carrier and the time of transportation of a parcel by a carrier, and shall amount to not more than 21 days from conclusion of an agreement on sale of Goods (acceptance of an order).

7. If it is not possible to fulfil an order in the period defined in sec. 6 above, the Seller may notify the Customer about it via e-mail, at e-mail address provided upon registration of an Account or upon placement of an order, and should return the entire received amount to the Customer, unless the Customer agrees on prolongation of the period of delivery of goods. It refers in particular to Goods requiring customization to the individual needs of the Customer.

8. The address of delivery should be located in the Republic of Poland. The Seller shall not make deliveries outside its borders.

Product liability

1. Seller bears responsibility for faulty Goods in case of Customers who are Consumers in line with the conditions specified in the Law of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and on changes in the Civil Code, and in case of other Customers – in line with the conditions specified in the Law of 23.04.1964 r. – the Civil Code.

2. Faulty goods (complaints) might be submitted via e-mail at info@rumandcoco.com or in writing at the Seller’s address provided in §1.
Customer shall, if possible, write the following in the content of the letter of complaint:
a) fault description, including, especially: what the fault is and when it was discovered.
b) the date of revealing the fault.
c) what Customer request is in connection with complaint submission.
- However, lack of any of the above elements in the letter of complaint submitted by Customer who is Consumer shall not preclude consideration of the complaint. Sending complete documentation might however speed the proceedings.


Goods exchange

1. Customer who is Consumer might refer to Seller to exchange the purchased Goods for another copy of the same Goods or other Goods available in Store – for an additional charge or return of the difference in value. Shall it be necessary to return Goods, Customer decides on the form of return.

2. In case of Seller giving consent to exchange Goods /merchandise, the shipping cost shall be covered by Customer.


Personal data

1. Seller processes personal data of Customers exclusively in the range provided for by the provisions of law, including the Law of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (i.e. – Journal of Laws 02.101.926, as amended) or these terms of use.

2. Seller shall undertake the necessary technical and organizational means to protect the processed personal data.

3. Through Account registration or order placement in accordance with §2 and 3, Customer gives consent to process personal data given in the registration form or order form so that Seller can perform their duties resulting from the contract with Customer, and also these terms of use (especially – for goods shipment, invoice issue, and handle ongoing correspondence).

4. In case of and in line with the conditions specified in the Law on personal data protection, especially in art. 24 and art. 32-35, Customer is entitled to access their data, correct it or delete it.

5. Customer might give consent to have their personal data processed by Seller for marketing purposes, as well as consent to be sent trade information by Seller via e-mail.

6. In each case disclosure of personal data by Customer is voluntary- subject to that fact that some data is essential for Seller to execute the sale contract concluded through Store.

7. Customer personal data might be disclosed to a third party if such right or duties result from the rule of law.



Technical requirements, prohibition of posting illegal content, complaints regarding Store operation

1. Through Store Seller provides Customers with the possibility of free use of the following e-services (within the meaning of the law of 18 July 2002 on providing e-services, Journal of Laws .2002.144.1204 as amended):
a) making Store content available.
b) concluding sale contracts for Good with Seller through Store in line with the conditions specified in these terms of use.

2. In order to use the above services Customer shall have at their disposal: a device that might be connected to the Internet and has an operating system, Internet connection, as well as an e-mail account.

3. The conditions of storing cookies by Seller on Customer’s devices, as well as Seller’s access to those cookies are specified by Cookie Policy which is attached to these terms of use.

4. Customer shall not use this Store to post content (e.g. comments) of illegal character– including content promoting violence or pornography or content infringing rights of a third party. Shall Seller receive any official notification or reliable information regarding illegal character of stored content provided by Customer, Seller might prevent access to this content.

5. Customer shall:
a) not make use of Store in a way that interferes with its functioning, especially by use of specific software or devices.
b) not take actions such as: circulating or posting spam in the Internet store,
c) use Internet store without causing inconvenience to other customers and Seller,

6. In case of dissatisfaction with Store operation, Customer is entitled to submit a complaint via e-mail at: info@rumandcoco.com. Customer shall be informed about the way of handling their complaint at the e-mail address it was sent from within 14 days from its receipt by Seller.



Changes to terms of use

1. Seller is entitled to change the provisions of these terms of use. In such a case:
a) registered Customers shall be informed about the changes via e-mail at the address provided at registration – at least 14 days before the changes are in place.
b) registered Customers shall be asked for acceptance of changes of the terms of use next time they log in.

2. Lack of acceptance of the changes in the terms of use is equal to termination of the e-services contract, specified in §9 of these terms of use effective immediately and resulting in terminating Customer’s Account – subject to §10 section 3 below.

3. Changes of the terms of use shall not infringe the rights accrued by Customers; and they shall not impact the placed orders that shall be processed based on the existing terms of use.

Final provisions

1 The governing law applicable for these terms of use, as well as for all contracts concluded under this law (especially for sale contracts for Goods) is the Malaysian law.

2 In case of Customers who are Consumers whose permanent residence is European Union (except for Denmark) but outside of the Republic of Poland– section 1 is applied to the extent that it shall not exclude application of regulations applicable in the country of permanent residence of Consumer, the ones that shall not be excluded on the grounds of the contract (see Art. 6 of the Directive of the European Parliament and European Council of 17 June 2008 on the governing law applicable for contractual obligations [Rome I, Journal of Laws of .UE.L.2008.177.6]).

3 In the event a dispute arises based on these terms of use or contracts included in its execution shall be settled by Malaysian common court having jurisdiction in accordance with the applicable regulations.